Wagyu beef, American cheese, leaves, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup + Bad Betty mayo


Steak burger, cheddar cheese, tomato, leaves, caramelised onions, crispy ass bacon, ketchup + Bad Betty mayo


Angus beef, American cheese, tomato, Lettuce, relish, pickled onions + Stubb’s BBQ sauce


Pulled pork belly, red slaw + circumcurri sauce


Pulled pork, house made slaw, melted cheese + chilli mayo

Rosemary, garlic marinated lamb, fennel spiked slaw + minted goo


Cardamom spiced barramundi, minted slaw + caper mayo


Southern spiced chicken, spicy slaw, pickled cucumbers, leaves + garlic aioli


Moroccan lamb, minted sauce, coriander, chilli, leaves, cumin aioli + feta soil



Spicy pakora patties, seeded mustard, pickled beetroot + labne cheese (V)

Falafel, char grilled red peppers + smoked eggplant (V)

Oven roasted field mushroom, garlic parsley butter, coleslaw + tarragon mayo (V)

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